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Tim Palmer:

“I have always tried to work on as many styles and genres of music as possible, from Ozzy Osbourne to Tears for Fears, there has always been something new to learn and enjoy from a complete change of style.

The ULYTAU project was sent to me by producer Tabriz Shakhidi from Russia and I immediately enjoyed their fusion of Hard Rock and Traditional styles. The twisted combination of screaming rock guitar with more ethnic instruments like the dombra and violin make for an exciting aural treat. The musicians in the band really know how to play and make their instruments sound good that, coupled by the fact that the album was very well engineered made the mixing process a joy.

Max is a virtuoso on the guitar, he follows in the path of such guitarists as Zack Wylde and Steve Vai. The Dombra and Violin playing are beautifully executed, traditional yet still perfectly connected in the more modern surrounding. I wish them all great success with this recording.”